Suzanne Somers Says Praising Donald Trump is Career Suicide

Suzanne Somers

I’ll Say It, I’m Happy with Trump …

‘Now My Career is Over!!!’

1/22/2018 9:51 AM PST


Suzanne Somers is saying it loud and proud … she’s a huge fan of President Trump, and she also believes she’s committing career suicide by saying that.

We got Suzanne leaving WeHo hot spot Madeo over the weekend and asked about the government shutdown. She says politicians need to get their crap together, but she praises the Prez … particularly for the economy.

For the record, Trump’s GDP stats in his first year mirror almost exactly Obama’s in his second term.

Suzanne — whose last big TV gig was on the ’90s sitcom “Step by Step” — can’t help but laugh after acknowledging her Hollywood fate. 

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