Dikembe Mutombo Says LeBron Should Keep Speaking Up, And He Shouldn't Be Alone

Dikembe Mutombo

LeBron Should Keep Speaking Up

… & He Shouldn’t Be Alone

2/19/2018 3:59 PM PST


Dikembe Mutombo says LeBron James shouldn’t “shut up and dribble” — he should continue to take a stand to defeat social injustice … and he’s not the only one, we all should.

Mutombo is reacting to the recent comments by FOX News host Laura Ingraham — who said she doesn’t care to get political advice from “someone who gets paid $100 million a year to bounce a ball.”

The comments sparked a nationwide debate on whether athletes should use their platforms to speak on these issues — and Mutombo says the answer is a resounding YES. 

“I think everyone in the U.S. has rights to express themselves. When there’s a problem affecting one part of the society, it becomes the responsibility of everybody.”

We then asked if LeBron should continue to weigh in on polical topics — and Dikembe told us it should be a team effort. 

“Everyone, not just LeBron … everyone.”

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